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This was the sun coming out in Alaska

Do you understand

Words, words, word, wordy, words words.

Loses its meaning after being said aloud a few times doesn’t it?

Is language just a tool?

What is the best means of communication?

To express passion, one takes action.

No talking , just do.

Project your emotion, no…, your expression…no your mind….

Nope…your thought…no…..your REALITY….yes…how can I????

Reality, as you perceive, integrated by your past and present,

translated to the creation of lines on a surface.

Light energy interacts with these lines, and reflects outward into the environment,

So that any sensor or recorder or receptor can take in this reflected light, no..

Reflected….…expression….no ..reality, yes , that’s right.

So the eye, a specialized energy sensing organ

Perceives the information, and sends it to our integrator…our brain,

And based on the brain a thought is created, or isn’t,

This may lead to an action, or it may not.

NO talking, just action, this is communication.

These lines on the surface…arcs flowing, light glistening,

They are moving! Sweeping across this surface!

If one looked closely they are vibrating, amazing!

If vibrating, I wonder what frequency, what amplitude??

Am I actually hearing these lines!!??

Ears are equipped to receive sound….I mean…vibrATIONS..

I mean…energy? hmmm…Let’s stick with vibrations.

Sound is vibration Anyway, these lines..

I saw them drawn, I perceived this, I was there when

The light bounced into my eye and my brain perceived it,

I’m trying to say

Previously I believed that I had seen these lines…

I know now that this energy I  saw was actually heard…

That can’t be right…

Words words words …more word and words

It was me, all along, drawing shapes onto the water’s surface,

Drawing my emotions, my expression, my reality, on a surface…

Speaking, the surface is transparent, light does not reflect,

The lines are drawn as waves, painting the air around me.

crashing , on the shores of your mind.

You have read this, heard this smelled this,

felt this



Old picture of Alaska.  Fox island.IMGP7944-1
Nathan Long

An exercise in writing and the mind

Just to write.
To exercise the connections, the synapses that give form to thoughts
widening the pathways
Engage in entropy brain mud settles.
For a moment, between the movement of mind’s marbles
Clashing, I can hear the sound, changing of direction, every collision becomes an origin.
If my brain was a matrix of small glass spheres in a 3 dimensional space,
Energy is only a principle, only seen if attached to a form, when riding a vessel.
Every collision followed by absolute stillness,
Realize this coordinate in space, stiiness.
Not stagnant, nor vacuous, but attentive,
Observed without the superficial commentary your cloudy mind creates
Understanding it is there for infinite perception
IF you cannot stay, then be content, and attentive to the new vector that has begun.
A new collision will surely arise,
Creating a new origin, the collision is the principles crossing paths
The stillness Is the energy transfer, space where principle is not perceived,
The moment I harmonize with my breath, I smile , and play in metamorphosis and transformation
The form is changing
Content, as the clashing fades away, into a void
The new vector is upon us, and so I attend to it,
Not with the principle that was, only a trace of that principle exists,
Attend to this path without clever conclusions,
Just move with the path, and understand without speaking
Like the sound, and rhythm of breath, of a trusted friend, in the stillness of an undisturbed night sky
Away from the city, just the breath of a trusted friend,
Strength, is the discipline to find the stillness, that exists in the vectors,
The points in which principle is transferred,
and the journey
of the marble,
of the mind,
of the breath,
the cycle of the moon,
of the sun,
the egg within the mother,
the progeny
the heartbeat
the tides
No desires
Simply the discipline, to sleep when you are sleepy
Empty your bladder when it is full,
And eat when you are hungry,
To read this, and to gain nothing
Yet, lose something,
Unconsciously retaining a trace
Of the collision, and vector that is no concern
As we place our mind on the breath, On the stillness
of the path.

Rolling magma solidified.

Joshua Tree National Park

We rolled into to Joshua Tree National Park around 8 a.m. Christmas eve, late enough to miss the sunrise and frigid temperatures, but early enough to still enjoy some warm light.  We did the hidden valley nature trail. Apparently this is where some early folks used to hide their illicit herds of cows.After we set camp we moved on to the Skull rock Hike. This was fun, lots of interesting rock formations.Skull rock reminded me of Zoidberg from Futurama! Watched the sunset with some wine.

Woke up early for sunrise, then cooked some breakfast to warm myself up. Broke camp then headed to Ryan mountain. After that we checked out arch rock.



It was cold weather for Southern California at the Colorado Lagoon Colorado lagoon before sunrise in Long Beach.

Sunrise at the Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, Ca

3 am as I was watching tutorials for Lightroom,  it dawned on me that I had to be at school by 7:30 am to help administer a final exam for the Biology 207 class. I probably would have overslept, so I just stayed up and got an early start by taking some pictures of the Colorado Lagoon in the morning. My feet were hella cold.