The present


I was once told that a crucial step to “enlightenment” (please allow that word to mean whatever fits your definition) is to have your mind remain in the present.  The mind is where all reality is perceived, integrated, stored. Therefore, as the mind moves to the past or future, could it be said then that one’s reality follows?  When wandering to the past the mind is feeling happiness from nostalgia, or depression and regret, guilt.  Upon the mind moving to the future feelings of excitement, or intense anxiety cloud the mind, like a stirred glass of muddy water, may overtaking all that was once settled and crystal clear.  Now the mind and body/physiology are intimately linked.  Keeping mind in the present allows perception of time and reality as it is, here, and now, leaving no room for the temptation of the mind to create illusions of the past and future as mental coping mechanisms.

Music….pitches ( vibrations/sec) that allow for distinct notes. Take a pitch,  and apply it over certain intervals of time.  Molecular vibrations per second,  manipulated over more time.  So, music is  the manifestation of vibrations/sec in the form of pitch, over a certain interval of time.

Listens to a song, to the beat, and the melody, the mind is actively staying in the present, in the now, on the present interval of time, as manifested by sound.