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High Sierra Explorers

 Sierra ExplorersI met these two gentleman waiting for permits in Lone Pine, California. My wife and I arrived at 7 am to beat the lines. These fellas’ had been there since 3 a.m. The night crew was supposed to leave them a permit out the night before, however when the gentlemen arrived no permit was to be found. They patiently watched the sunrise with us and told us stories of perilous mountain passes, loose rocks, and tight wound women.

Rolling magma solidified.

Joshua Tree National Park

We rolled into to Joshua Tree National Park around 8 a.m. Christmas eve, late enough to miss the sunrise and frigid temperatures, but early enough to still enjoy some warm light.  We did the hidden valley nature trail. Apparently this is where some early folks used to hide their illicit herds of cows.After we set camp we moved on to the Skull rock Hike. This was fun, lots of interesting rock formations.Skull rock reminded me of Zoidberg from Futurama! Watched the sunset with some wine.

Woke up early for sunrise, then cooked some breakfast to warm myself up. Broke camp then headed to Ryan mountain. After that we checked out arch rock.