Sakurajima volcano
Kagoshima City, Japan


No moment in time is more important than another. As we move in space, we also move in time. Every action is followed by reaction, and some say that no action is of more importance than another. A fundamental law that we accept today, is that energy is conserved, it is neither created nor destroyed. It is thought that energy is passed from system to system undergoing constant transformations, at a rate that exceeds the limit of our cutting edge measurement taking capacities. Although we can measure very fine changes in time, space, and energy states, our understanding of these principles is only surface. Looking at time and space transformation in the last century alone is a frame of reference which we can use to begin to understand the present. In my work I aim to elucidate the pathways in which time and space interact with their environment, both how time and space modulate the environment, as well as the reciprocal. To do this I will perform a series of tests using photon capture techniques with a Pentax K-30 digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera. These data will be transformed into images using Adobe Lightroom V, which will then be processed for aesthetic rendering. All images will be distributed to select audience, and reactions will be observed in the form of verbal, visual, audial, and tactile responses. Written captions and titles may also accompany presented images. All responses will be subject to statistical analysis, however significance will not be measured with the classical 95 % confidence interval. A novel measure of significance will be developed for each study, which will compare results both between groups, as well as within them. I aim to live amidst creation, and play in my constant transformation. When my essence is too feeble to sustain perception, then these experiments will halt. Again, I aim only to do nothing, if this goal is met, then everything shall be done.

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